About Us

Welcome to Nutrispa, where our passion is to create and support healthier students


Nutrispa is dedicated to offering quality and delicious meals for kids to schools. We began with the aim that all kids deserve to enjoy yummy meals that are prepared from scratch by awesome chefs, loaded with nutrition and offered at prices that are affordable for all parents.

Healthy. Delicious. Fresh.

Behind Nutrispa is a team of workers from Chefs to drivers to Parents highly dedicated to serving your children, our children – literally! We have  dietitians and nutritionists that work side by side with our quality chefs to prepare recipes that are affordable yet high quality, and delicious yet healthy! We believe that all kids need to have a decent meal every day that caters to their taste and dietary needs.

The Importance of Healthy Meals to Us

Everyone needs to have a good diet, with all the right nutrients, made with fresh ingredients and proper hygiene care. Nutrispa strictly emphasizes on serving kids with the right meals – meals that will affect their growth and development positively. “You are what you eat” stands true here.

Meals Prepared from Scratch

Our meals are prepared all from scratch, guaranteeing quality, hygiene, and best of nutrients. We do not make use of any unhealthy items or artificial foods. Our chefs prepare them with their very own hands. We take feeding kids seriously. Our kids love the food we serve

Ingredients Fresh from Our Farm

We attain our ingredients fresh from our local farm. We only growth what we need, like fruits, vegetables and herbs to use in our meals – only the best of meals with the fresh ingredients. Our farm grows from lettuce to melons, in a control environment using natural nutrients.

why choose us


We want our meals to be affordable for all parents and that’s why with Nutrispa, you are offered only the best of rates. Good food doesn’t have to be expensive with us.


We know the importance and thankfully of been on time with the food kids love.

Accuracy and Assurance

We strive for perfection, because we know the importance a good service.


We rely in new technology to cook and to be more efficient.

Partnership approach

Partnering with people we trust, supporting our communities, and creating meaningful relationships, we are a name that works with values of togetherness.


In order to be a name that is reliable and of value, we serve you with the best of meals and service. We truly love serving children and want them to have the best.


Nothing is more important than to serve good and quality meals for the students.


Our greatest awards is when parents call to say thank you because their kids love our foods.

Our Values

Our values define who we are. They guide our actions and behavior. They influence the way we work with each other – and the way we serve our clients and engage with our communities.
Our Values create solutions where the company wins, the customer wins, the community wins

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